5 Reasons why you should read the I Heart series by Lindsay Kelk 

1. Every book is a new adventure in a new place. 

In the first book, I Heart New York, you meet Angela Clark. She finds her fiance cheating on her, so she does what any reasonable girl would do…she freaks out, breaks someone’s hand, pisses in her fiance’s luggage, and flies to New York. Then she proceeds to have adventures in L.A., Paris, Las Vegas, and London. I love to travel, but unfortunately I am not in a position to be able to jet set around the world like I want to. These books have helped soothe my wanderlust-ing soul….or perhaps just made it worse because now I want to go to these places.

2. It’s like hanging out with your best friends…only you aren’t involved in the drama.

Jenny Lopez is Angela’s best friend. And boy, does she get them into some interesting situations. I really enjoyed how realistic the friendships are. There is give and take and misunderstandings and girls just being petty girls. It is so nice to be involved in drama that is not yours and that you can step away from. I do enjoy good drama…just not in my own life. So these books were the perfect guilty pleasures.

3. Angela Clark is a real girl that makes real mistakes.

As a girl, I know I can be moody, come to bad conclusions, and just make plain dumb decisions. While reading these books, I felt a certain kinship to Angela as she did the same dumb things I would… like not stop worrying about things and not trusting what her friends, boyfriend, and her boyfriend’s friends tell her. It is nice to know you are not alone in the bad decisions and Angela is the perfect character to make you feel like you are not alone.

4. These books are funny!

SERIOUSLY! I do not know how Lindsey Kelk comes up with the stuff she put in her books! Here are some funny lines:

“I might not be able to hold my drink or my man, but what I can hold, is a tune. Point me in the right direction and give me a bloody mic.” – I Heart New York

“Maybe I should just throw myself in the canyon. Oprah isn’t on TV anymore, I saw the last Harry Potter movie. What is there to live for?’ I tried really hard to think of something helpful.
‘We still haven’t seen the last Twilight film?’
‘I read the book. They all die.’
‘No. Dumbass.” – I Heart Vegas

“I may as well have told him I’d carried a watermelon” – I Heart New York

“but Alex’s last girlfriend? now there was a female human being who had worked hard to deserve her given moniker. As far as i was concerned, she was going to that special circle of hell reserved for Hitler, Jusin Bieber and the man who invented high-waisted jeans.” – I Heart Vegas

**Sadly there are not a ton of quotes on Goodreads and I listened to the audiobooks so I can’t go flip through to find my favorite lines! But trust me! They are funny!

5. Because I bloody well said so!

But really! They are so cute! If you are in the mood for a good, light, fun chick-lit, please give these a shot! They are not going to give you an epiphany or anything, but they are so fun!


Thanks for reading!



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