My 2017 Summer Reading Goals

I can’t believe it is already summer! I feel like it was just Christmas. Where is the time going?

I know most people have a lot of extra time during the summer due to vacations, school being out, etc. I am no longer in school so I don’t get a break like that. My week long vacation is at the end of the summer, so I don’t have much vacation reading time planned. I still want to list out some goals and give my summer reading some direction.

1. Read half the books on my TBR shelf.

I want to make this the summer of clearing my TBR shelf. I started the summer with 24 books on my TBR shelf. I have already read 2 and I am working on a third. I want to end the summer with 12 books on my TBR shelf.

**Note: this is just my physical book shelf. I have ebooks that are not included in this summer goal.

2. Read Gone with the Wind

I saw Theresa @ The Calico Books put on her Summer Reading Goals list to read it and she inspired me to finally tackle this monster that has been sitting on myself for years. Together we are going to buddy read GWTW. If you want to join us, we made a Goodreads group here.

3. Finish the Harry Potter series

Please don’t throw rocks at me! I haven’t finished the Harry Potter series. I still have Deathly Hallows to read and the Cursed Child.

4. Finish the Uglies series

This series has been on my shelf for as long as I can remember. I finally read the first one and can’t wait to finish them.

5. Read a little bit every day

I want to keep up the reading habit. Even if it is a few pages, I want to read a little something every day. I am going to shoot for 20 pages, but if I fall short, I am not going to beat myself up over it. My only goal here is to fight off any reading slump.


Do you have any reading goals? If so, what are they?

Thanks for reading!



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