Social Media & My Reading (and what I am going to do about it)

I’ve been thinking a lot about how social media (Goodreads, bookstagram, booktube, etc.) has changed the way I look at reading. I feel like since I have immersed myself in more book related social media, I have fallen into some bad habits.

Seeing all of the different books people are reading and seeing a specific book that a bunch of people are reading makes me feel rather self-conscious that I am not reading the “right” things. Or I am not reading enough. (Some people can read 20 books a month….30 days….wtf…that’s a book every 1.5 days! Who has that much time!)

But in reality, reading is such a personal thing. No one person reads the same book.Ā 

I really want to make an effort to start focusing more on myself and my reading rather than what everyone else is reading. While I still want to look to others for recommendations, I want to keep in mind that I can read whatever I want and nobody is going to judge me for it, because…let’s face it…at least I read and that is more than the average American.

I think I am going to take a hiatus from Goodreads, booktube, bookstagram, and bookblr. I will keep up with my blog and reading other blogs because I follow a variety of blogs and I feel like they are diverse enough that I won’t get caught up in one or just a few books.

I know there will always be the popular books that it seems like EVERYONE and their brother is reading and I can make a decision on whether that sounds like something I want to read or not as each come up. But my goal is to stop letting other people dictate how I feel about my reading.

If I read something that I found randomly in a bookstore and haven’t seen a single person talk about, GREAT! If I only read 3 books a month or 1 enormous monster of a book, GREAT! At least I am reading!

Tell me your thoughts! Do you get caught up in the social media aspect of reading and forget that it is all about you? Do you have any tips in keeping yourself focus on what you want to read and not worrying about what or how much other’s are reading? Let me know!Ā 


PS – I plan on doing a follow up post on how I feel about my blog and where I want it to head…so look out! šŸ™‚



4 thoughts on “Social Media & My Reading (and what I am going to do about it)

  1. I got to feeling this way also awhile back. A book friend I had met told me I should do what makes me happy. I do enjoy sharing my love for books but I did take a step back. I post reviews and pictures for those looking for good books. I also post them for myself, it gives me an accompliced feeling. Social media can make you feel like you have to follow the leader but just do your one thing girl. I wish you the best!!!


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